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The following activities are allowed in geologically hazardous areas pursuant to Chapter 28.12 PMC, and do not require submission of a critical area report; provided, that the activity will not increase the risk of the hazard:

(1) Erosion and Landslide Hazard Areas. Except as otherwise provided for in this title, only those activities approved and permitted consistent with the critical area report in accordance with this title shall be allowed in erosion or landslide hazard areas.

(2) Extreme Slope Hazard Areas. Installation of fences may be allowed within an extreme slope hazard area.

(3) Other Hazard Areas. The following activities may be allowed within other geologically hazardous areas:

(a) Construction of new buildings with less than 3,500 square feet of floor area or roof area, whichever is greater, and which are not residential structures or used as places of employment or public assembly;

(b) Additions to existing residences that are 250 square feet or less; and

(c) Installation of fences.

(4) Prohibited Uses. Facilities such as emergency response, hospitals, hazardous materials storage, etc., shall be prohibited from geologically hazardous areas, unless a geologically hazardous areas detailed study demonstrates no risks in the area. PMC 28.12.040, Reasonable use exceptions, shall apply. [Ord. 4525 § 1, 2021.]