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(1) This SMP shall apply to all of the shoreline areas, waters, and critical areas within the shoreline jurisdiction of the City as described in SMP Section I, Shoreline Goals and Policies, Profile of the Shoreline Jurisdiction, within the City limits of the City of Pasco.

(2) All proposed uses, activities, or development occurring within shoreline jurisdiction must conform to the intent and requirements of Chapter 90.58 RCW, the SMA, and this SMP whether or not a permit or other form of authorization is required. See SMP Shoreline Goals and Policies section for the shoreline jurisdiction description and Chapter 29.35 PMC for the definition of uses, activities, and development.

(3) The SMP applies to shoreline jurisdiction within the City limits; this SMP will not apply to shorelines in the urban growth areas (UGAs) until the annexation of the UGA to the City is finalized.

(4) Pursuant to WAC 173-27-060, federal agency activities may be required by other federal laws to meet the permitting requirements of Chapter 90.58 RCW. This SMP shall apply to all nonfederal developments and uses undertaken on federal lands and on lands subject to nonfederal ownership, lease, or easement, even though such lands may fall within the external boundaries of federal ownership.

(5) As recognized by RCW 90.58.350, the provisions of this SMP shall not affect treaty rights of Native American tribes.

(6) Maps indicating the extent of shoreline jurisdiction and shoreline designations are guidance only. They are to be used in conjunction with the most current scientific and technical information available, field investigations, and on-site surveys to accurately establish the location and extent of shoreline jurisdiction when a project is proposed. All areas meeting the definition of a shoreline of the state or a Shoreline of Statewide Significance, whether mapped or not, are subject to the provisions of this SMP. [Ord. 4314 § 2, 2016; Code 1970 § 29.01.020.]