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(Residential areas along the Columbia River in Reaches 1 and 2, SRs 4a and 4b, and portions of SRs 5b and 6b)

(1) Purpose. The purpose of the shoreline residential environment designation is to accommodate primarily residential development and appurtenant structures, but also allow other types of development consistent with this section. An additional purpose is to provide appropriate public access and recreational uses.

(2) Designation Criteria. Assign a shoreline residential environment designation to shoreline areas where:

(a) The shoreline has low-to-moderate ecological function with low-to-moderate opportunity for restoration.

(b) The shoreline contains mostly residential development at urban densities or in clusters in more rural settings.

(c) The shoreline has low-to-moderate potential for low-impact, passive, or active water-oriented recreation where ecological functions can be restored.

(3) Management Policies. In addition to the other applicable policies and regulations of this SMP, the following management policies shall apply:

(a) Encourage regulations that ensure no net loss of shoreline ecological functions as a result of new development, such as limiting lot coverage, providing adequate setbacks from the shoreline, promoting vegetation conservation, reducing the need for shoreline stabilization, and maintaining or improving water quality.

(b) The scale and density of new uses and development should be compatible with the existing residential character of the area.

(c) Public access and joint (rather than individual) use of recreational facilities should be promoted.

(d) Access, utilities, and public services to serve proposed development within shorelines should be constructed outside shorelines to the extent feasible and be the minimum necessary to adequately serve existing needs and planned future development.

(e) Public or private outdoor recreation facilities should be provided with proposals for subdivision development and encouraged with all shoreline development, if compatible with the character of the area. Priority should be given first to water-dependent and then to water-enjoyment recreation facilities.

(f) Commercial development should be limited to water-oriented uses. Nonwater-oriented commercial uses should only be allowed as part of mixed-used developments. [Ord. 4314 § 2, 2016; Code 1970 § 29.01.180.]