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(1) The SMP shall not require modification of or limit existing agricultural activities occurring on agricultural lands consistent with RCW 90.58.065.

(2) For shoreline areas used for agriculture, new uses, activities, and development that are not existing and ongoing, agriculture shall be subject to the following requirements:

(a) Such uses, activities, and development shall be allowed or permitted in a manner to ensure maintenance of ecological functions and be consistent with the City’s land use plan.

(b) If the new use, activity, or development is more intensive than the existing land use, no significant vegetation removal, development, or grading shall occur in the shoreline buffer without associated mitigation, except as necessary to accommodate low-intensity water-dependent uses and public access that sustains ecological functions.

(c) New agricultural lands created by diking, draining, or filling wetlands shall not be allowed.

(d) Conversion of land for new agricultural use or activities that are not consistent with PMC Title 25, Zoning, shall not be allowed.

(3) A substantial development permit shall be required for all agricultural developments not specifically exempted by the provisions of PMC 29.35.080(4)(e) except for agricultural developments in shoreline residential environment designation where a shoreline special use permit shall be required.

(4) SMP provisions shall apply in the following cases:

(a) New agricultural activities on land not meeting the definition of agricultural land;

(b) Expansion of agricultural activities on nonagricultural lands;

(c) Conversion of agricultural lands to other uses;

(d) Other development on agricultural land that does not meet the definition of agricultural activities; and

(e) Agricultural development and uses not specifically exempted by the SMA.

(5) New nonagricultural activities proposed on agricultural lands shall be consistent with the environment designation and the Shoreline Use and Modification Matrix Table 29.15.010, as well as other applicable shoreline use standards, including PMC 29.20.040, Commercial or PMC 29.20.120, Residential.

(6) Agricultural uses and development shall be located and designed to ensure no net loss of ecological functions and no significant adverse impact on other shoreline resources and values.

(7) New feedlots are prohibited in shoreline areas.

(8) Agricultural uses and activities shall prevent and control erosion of soils and bank materials within shoreline areas. They shall minimize siltation, turbidity, pollution, and other environmental degradation of watercourses and wetlands.

(9) Agricultural chemicals shall be applied in a manner consistent with BMPs for agriculture and PMC 29.15.060(5).

(10) New agricultural activities shall not remove existing native or nonnative, but nonnoxious, weed vegetation between all cropland or pasture areas and adjacent waters or wetlands pursuant to the critical areas provisions of this SMP.

(11) Agricultural development shall conform to applicable state and federal policies and regulations. [Ord. 4314 § 2, 2016; Code 1970 § 29.01.300.]