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(1) Breakwaters shall be allowed in environments defined in Table 29.15.010, Shoreline Use and Modification Matrix, with a shoreline special use permit.

(2) New, expanded, or replacement groins and weirs shall only be permitted if the applicant demonstrates that the proposed groin or weir will not result in a net loss of shoreline ecological functions and the structure is necessary for water-dependent uses, public access, shoreline stabilization, or other specific public purposes.

(3) Groins and weirs shall require a special use permit, except when such structures are installed to protect or restore ecological functions, such as installation of groins that may eliminate or minimize the need for hard shoreline stabilization.

(4) Groins and weirs shall be located, designed, constructed, and operated consistent with mitigation sequencing principles, including avoiding critical areas, as provided in PMC 29.15.040, Environmental protection. [Ord. 4314 § 2, 2016; Code 1970 § 29.01.330.]