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(1) Shoreline restoration and enhancement activities designed to restore or enhance shoreline ecological functions and processes and/or shoreline features should be targeted toward meeting the needs of sensitive and/or regionally important plant, fish, and wildlife species, and shall be given priority.

(2) Shoreline restoration, enhancement, and mitigation activities designed to create dynamic and sustainable ecosystems to assist the City in achieving no net loss of shoreline ecological functions are preferred.

(3) Restoration activities shall be carried out in accordance with an approved shoreline restoration plan and in accordance with the provisions of this SMP.

(4) To the extent possible, restoration, enhancement, and mitigation activities shall be integrated and coordinated with other parallel natural resource management efforts, such as those identified in the shoreline restoration plan.

(5) Habitat creation, expansion, restoration, and enhancement projects may be permitted subject to required state or federal permits when the applicant has demonstrated that:

(a) The primary objective is clearly restoration or enhancement of the natural character or ecological function of the shoreline;

(b) The project will not adversely impact spawning, nesting, or breeding in fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas;

(c) Upstream or downstream properties or fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas will not be adversely affected;

(d) Water quality will not be degraded;

(e) Flood storage capacity will not be degraded;

(f) Impacts to critical areas and buffers will be avoided and where unavoidable, minimized and mitigated; and

(g) The project will not interfere with the normal public use of the navigable waters of the state. [Ord. 4314 § 2, 2016; Code 1970 § 29.01.430.]