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For purposes of this chapter, the following terms shall have the indicated meanings:

“Dedicated park land” means a five-acre parcel dedicated to the City with approval of a final plat and containing the adjoining infrastructure improvements.

“Fully developed neighborhood park” means dedicated park land that is developed with a lawn, an irrigation system, pathways, trees, playground equipment, ball courts and sun shelters according to a plan approved by the City prior to construction.

“Infrastructure” means curb, gutter, sidewalks, handicap ramps, street lights, fire hydrants, storm drainage facilities, road base, road pavement to the center line of the street, street signs, provisions for electrical power, one water stub and one sewer stub, site rough grading and hydro seeding for dust control.

“New residential development” means the construction or placement of single-family site-built dwellings, factory-assembled dwellings including mobile homes, and multifamily dwellings within the City of Pasco. Included within this definition are the terms residential subdivision, apartment complex and residential park.

“Open recreation area” means areas of land, at least improved with lawn and irrigation, intended and designed for unorganized, passive or active recreation and may include minor recreation improvements such as children’s playground equipment and children’s wading pool, provided such minor improvements do not occupy more than one-half of the total open recreation area. Open recreation areas must equal at least 100 square feet of area for each dwelling unit within the development. Open recreation area shall not include parking lots, driveways and other automobile-oriented areas or recreation improvement areas and swimming pools as defined herein below.

“Park impact fee” means a payment of a fee imposed upon new residential development as a condition of development approval to pay for a proportionate share of the costs to provide park and recreational facilities needed to serve new growth and development. The park impact fee does not include building permits or permit application fees or any other fee required of new development.

“Parks, Recreation and Forestry Plan” means the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Plan adopted by the City Council for the City of Pasco and used as a planning document that provides policies and guidance on developing Citywide park and recreation facilities.

“Recreation improvement area” means an area developed with recreation facilities such as, but not limited to, basketball, tennis and similar playing courts, saunas, hot tubs, recreation buildings and similar improvements. Recreation improvements shall not include parking lots, driveway and other automobile-oriented areas, habitable buildings, swimming pools, or minor recreation improvements.

“Swimming pool” means a pool for swimming which contains at least 500 square feet of water surface area and is at least four feet in depth at the deepest point. [Ord. 4119 § 3, 2013; Code 1970 § 3.133-1.060.]