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Utility services shall only be provided upon an application for utility services for an existing utility connection or for obligations for new utility connections through the City utility billing office. The applicant shall:

(1) Provide the applicant’s name and indicate whether the applicant:

(a) Is the legal property owner of record or is purchasing the property under a recorded land purchase contract and thereby requests an owner account, or

(b) Is applying for service as a tenant and thereby requests a tenant account. Written proof that the applicant has permission from the property owner of record or the person purchasing the property under a recorded land purchase contract (whichever is applicable) to make the application must accompany the application;

(2) Give the names of their spouse and all nondependents residing on or using the property;

(3) Agree to conform to all ordinances, rules and regulations now in existence and as hereafter amended or supplemented governing the utilities, including but not limited to agreement that only authorized employees of the City shall be permitted to turn the water on;

(4) Agree that the City shall have the right to shut off the water supply at any time without prior notice for repairs, extensions, nonpayment of rates, or for other good cause, and that the City shall not be responsible for any damage caused by breaking, bursting or collapsing of any boilers, pipes or fixtures, or by the stoppage or interruption of the water supply, or any damage whatever resulting directly or indirectly from the shutting off of the water, as a condition precedent to receiving water service;

(5) Provide proof of identification;

(6) Provide a local phone number for collection notifications. [Code 1970 § 3.200.020.]