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(1) If utility service is provided as a result of an application being accepted, the application shall be considered a contract in which the applicant agrees to abide by such rates, rules and regulations as are in effect at the time of signing the application, or as may be adopted or modified thereafter by the City, and to pay all bills promptly.

(2) Payments received by the City for utility services shall be applied against outstanding utility charges in the following order:

(a) Late fees;

(b) Unpaid utility accounts commencing with application of the oldest balances due to the newest and most current charges.

(c) Payments shall be applied to accounts sharing the same due date in the following order:

(i) Ambulance utility service fee;

(ii) Storm water utility fee;

(iii) Irrigation;

(iv) Water;

(v) Sewer.

(3) An application for service and creation of a tenant account may be denied for any customer that has an outstanding balance on another City account unless the only amount outstanding is what would be created by a pending final bill. Application for service may be denied for a customer if the customer has another account that was previously closed at the same location.

(4) There shall be an ongoing contract for utility service with the owner as long as the property is owned except for any periods during which a tenant account exists. It shall be the owner’s responsibility to notify the City utility billing office of the owner-authorized start date and termination date of tenant accounts. A tenant account will be closed when notification is received from either the tenant or the owner. [Ord. 4098, 2013; Code 1970 § 3.200.030.]