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It is a breach of the contract between the City and the property owner for any property owner, occupant or any unauthorized person to consent, direct, permit, or turn water on or off at the curb cock, or in the meter box, or to receive, obtain, or use any water therefrom after the water has been shut off by an authorized agent of the Public Works Division and before the water is turned on by an authorized agent of the Public Works Division or to tamper, modify or damage any water meter or associated valves and piping. All costs of repair, replacement, connection or disconnection, resulting from a violation of this section, and a penalty, as set forth in Chapter 3.35 PMC to be known as the “unauthorized reconnect penalty,” shall be assessed against the water services customer and included as additional costs in the regular service billing. Failure to pay the assessed costs may result in a lien being assessed against the real property served by the connection. The assessed costs shall be included on the customer billing. Separate notice of the assessed costs and penalty together with their right to a hearing to contest the assessment and penalty as provided in PMC 3.65.160 shall be mailed to the account holder. There is hereby created a presumption that the customer is responsible for all breaches of the above-referenced contract in violation of this section. [Code 1970 § 3.200.110.]