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(1) Dwelling units qualifying as set forth below shall be charged a monthly rate equal to one-third of the otherwise applicable rate for the minimum monthly water and sewer rates. All consumption shall be charged at the regular rate. To qualify, each dwelling unit where a person residing therein shall show satisfactory proof under oath in writing to the Director the following:

(a) That he or she is 62 years of age or older;

(b) That he or she is a single occupant of or the head of a household all of whose members have a combined annual income from all sources that is not greater than the United States Federal Poverty Level. Such poverty level shall be determined by the “very low income limits” and updated annually by the Director;

(c) The person must be the customer of the water service and must be directly responsible for the payment of the water bill;

(d) The person must have resided at such place for a period of not less than 90 consecutive days prior to the effective date of the rate set forth below and must intend to remain at such place;

(e) The person must state under oath that he or she will inform the City in writing if there is any change in their or the household’s status as it relates to the requirements set forth above.

(2) The Director may require the person demonstrating satisfactory proof for a household that qualifies for the rates set forth in this section to make an updated application at any time. “Head of the household” means the person owning or having control of the dwelling unit. In the case of a husband and wife, either person shall be considered the “head of the household.” [Code 1970 § 3.200.150.]