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(1) Scope of residential ambulance utility service for both family residential and multifamily residential as defined in PMC 3.85.010, shall apply only to emergency and transport services.

(2) Scope of business/commercial and industrial ambulance utility service shall cover each officer and employee of a business or industry paying the ambulance service utility fee physically located within the City, and shall apply only to emergency and transport ambulance services involving the officer or employee which arise within the City and which arise while the officer or employee is engaged in the regular course or scope of his or her employment or is traveling to the business or industry location to commence work or is traveling from the business or industry location following the completion of work. This scope of service shall also be extended to individuals who normally and regularly reside, as patients or clients, on the premises of any business or agency devoted exclusively to the care of persons who are physically or mentally infirm, disabled or emotionally disturbed, which business or agency pays a service utility fee and is located within the City. [Ord. 3799, 2006; Code 1970 § 3.05.021.]