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(1) The provisions contained in this title shall apply to processing all applications and permits subject to review under the following titles of the Pasco Municipal Code:

Title 5

Business Licenses and Regulations

Title 16

Buildings and Construction

Title 17

Sign Code

Title 19

Residential Parks

Title 21

Pasco Urban Area Subdivision Regulations

Title 23

Environmental Impact

Title 25


(2) Additionally, these provisions shall apply to any related regulations, ordinances or resolutions that implement any of above-referenced titles. Unless another department is the primary agency in a permit process, the Community and Economic Development Director administers those titles and may adopt such rules as will assist in administering these provisions. Where the provisions of this title conflict with the provisions of other titles, this title shall prevail. [Ord. 3151 § 1, 1996; Code 1970 § 4.02.020.]