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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this title.

“Closed record appeal” means an administrative appeal on the record following an open record hearing on a project permit application, when the appeal is on the record with no or limited new evidence or information allowed to be submitted and only appeal argument allowed.

“Director” means the Director of Community and Economic Development unless another department or agency is in charge of the project permit, in which case it refers to the chief administrative officer of that department or agency.

“Open record hearing” means a hearing conducted by a single hearing body or officer that creates the record through testimony and submission of evidence and information.

An open record hearing may be held prior to a decision on a project permit to be known as an “open record predecision hearing.” An open record hearing may be held on an appeal, to be known as an “open appeal hearing,” if no open record predecision has been held on the project permit.

“Project permit” or “project permit application” means any land use or environmental permit or license required from the City for a project action, including but not limited to subdivisions, planned unit developments, conditional uses, shoreline substantial development permits, permits or approvals required by critical area ordinances, site-specific rezones authorized by a comprehensive plan or subarea plan, but excluding the adoption or amendment of a comprehensive plan, subarea plan, or development regulations except as otherwise specifically included in this subsection.

“Public meeting” means an informal meeting, hearing, workshop, or other public gathering of people to obtain comments from the public or other agencies on a proposed project permit prior to a decision. A public meeting may include, but is not limited to, a design review or architectural control board meeting, a special review district or community council meeting, or a scoping meeting on a draft environmental impact statement. A public meeting does not include an open record hearing. The proceedings at a public meeting may be recorded and a report or recommendation may be included in the local government’s project permit application file.

“Record” means the memorialization of testimony, evidence and other communication submitted or created during a hearing and obtained through unedited audio, video or other lawful means of recordation. [Ord. 4004, 2011; Ord. 3151 § 1, 1996; Code 1970 § 4.02.030.]