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(1) All project permits and project permit applications, except zone changes, plats, street vacations, and other legislative decisions, shall be processed and reviewed in the following manner, upon receipt of a completed application:

(a) For an application requiring legislative action or which is illegal, the application shall be denied or processed in accord with subsection (2) of this section.

(b) For applications which involve more than one permit, the City will prepare a temporary schedule for review by all interested agencies, departments, and the applicant. The schedule will be prepared during the application completion determination in accord with PMC 4.02.060.

(c) Depending upon the scope of the project, the City will schedule necessary public meetings to coordinate the permit process and gather information following appropriate notification as provided in PMC 4.02.090.

(d) Unless otherwise required, no open record hearing will be held unless there is a bona fide objection to some portion of the permit or from some determination made during the course of the permit processing. When required, only one open record hearing will be held. The open record hearing will be before the officer or body having jurisdiction over the matter in dispute or over the matter requiring the open record hearing. If the matter disputed or for which an open record hearing is required falls within the jurisdiction of more than one department or agency, a joint hearing will be held if practical.

(e) A decision or joint decision, if possible, shall be issued and notice given thereof, including the time for appeal and the person or body to whom the appeal must be made. Unless another time is provided, an appeal must be filed within 10 days of the decision. The longest appeal period following a joint hearing controls if there are multiple appeal periods.

(f) The body or bodies with appellate jurisdiction shall hold a joint closed record appeal. An open record appeal may be held for matters for which no open record hearing has previously been held. The decision of the person or bodies hearing the appeal may be joint or separate. Every effort shall be made in the event of separate decisions to ensure that they are issued simultaneously. Any review of the decision or decisions must be made to the superior court within 21 days.

(g) In the event that no appellate body is designated for a matter, the matter shall be heard by the Hearing Examiner.

(2) In a closed record appeal before the Pasco City Council:

(a) The record shall include an unedited video record of the proceeding.

(b) Each City Councilmember shall have reviewed the entire record by transcript and/or video record.

(c) No City Councilmember shall be disqualified on the basis of appearance of fairness from participating in the proceeding due to having reviewed a City broadcast of the proceeding so long as that Councilmember has complied with the requirements of subsection (2)(b) of this section.

(3) If the decision on an application must be made by the Pasco City Council, the application will normally be denied until legislative approval has been obtained. Except for comprehensive plan amendments which may never be processed other than as part of the annual review, an applicant may request combined processing in accord with subsection (1) of this section.

(4) The actual costs of any hearing or appeal not otherwise required will be borne by the person requesting the review or objecting to a decision. Security for the costs must be posted prior to the setting or notice of hearing or appeal. The failure to post security is a waiver of any objection. [Ord. 4004, 2011; Code 1970 § 4.02.100.]