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As used in this chapter:

“City” means the City of Pasco, Washington.

“Driver” or “operator” means any person driving or operating a for-hire vehicle.

“For-hire driver business license” means the license to drive or operate a for-hire vehicle as approved and issued by the City of Pasco.

“For-hire (taxicab/TNC) business license” means the business license issued by the City of Pasco to conduct a for-hire vehicle business with the City limits of Pasco.

“For-hire vehicle” means any motor vehicle used for the transportation of passengers for compensation, including taxicabs and transportation network company vehicles. The following motor vehicles are excluded from the definition of for-hire vehicles:

(a) School buses operating exclusively under a contract to a school district;

(b) Ride-sharing vehicles under Chapter 46.74 RCW;

(c) Limousine carriers licensed under Chapter 46.72A RCW;

(d) Vehicles used by nonprofit transportation providers solely for elderly or handicapped persons and their attendants under Chapter 81.66 RCW;

(e) Vehicles used by auto transportation companies licensed under Chapter 81.68 RCW;

(f) Vehicles used to provide courtesy transportation at no charge to and from business locations, including, but not limited to, hotels, rental offices, parking lots, auto repair or sales facilities, or healthcare providers.

(g) Vehicles licensed under, and used to provide “charter party carrier” and “excursion service carrier” services as defined in, and required by, Chapter 81.70 RCW; and

(h) Vehicles used to provide ambulance services pursuant to Chapter 5.15 PMC.

“Independent contractor” means a person who contracts to do a piece of work according to his own methods and subject to the employer’s control only as to the end product of his or her work. An independent contractor performs work but is not considered an “employee.”

“Licensing Officer” means the City Clerk of the City of Pasco, or designee.

“Operate,” “operated,” or “operating” means using a taxicab or transportation network company vehicle, at any time, to transport any passenger or item of property for compensation within the corporate limits of the City.

“Taxicab” means a motorized vehicle that is held out to the public as providing transportation to passengers or articles:

(a) Where the route traveled, destination, or both route and destination are controlled by the customer;

(b) Where the fare is based on an amount recorded and indicated on a taxi meter or an internet online-enabled platform or application;

(c) Where the driver may solicit or accept street hails and payment may be made prior to, during or upon completion of the transport.

“Taxicab company” means any entity operating one or more taxicabs other than as a driver, regardless of the legal form of the entity and regardless of whether the taxicabs so operated are owned by the company, or leased or owned by individual members of the entity or independent contractors.

“Taxicab driver” means a person engaging in any combination of owning, leasing, advertising, driving, occupying or otherwise using a taxicab to at any time to transport any passenger or item of property for compensation within the City.

“Transportation network company,” which may be abbreviated herein to “TNC,” means a company that exclusively uses an Internet online-enabled website, system, or application to connect passengers with TNC drivers who provide prearranged rides within the City.

“Transportation network company driver” or “TNC driver” means a driver who is an independent contractor of a TNC and receives connections to potential passengers and related services from a TNC in exchange for payment of a fee to the TNC; and uses a TNC vehicle to offer or provide prearranged rides through a TNC’s digital network to passengers in return for compensation.

“Transportation network company vehicle” means a vehicle that is owned, leased or otherwise authorized for use by a TNC driver and is used by the TNC driver to provide prearranged rides through a TNC’s digital network. [Ord. 4342, 2017; Code 1970 § 5.45A.020.]