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(1) The owner or operator of every taxicab is to procure liability and property damage insurance covering passengers as well as other persons, from a company licensed to write bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance in the state, on each taxicab used or to be used in transporting persons for compensation in an amount not less than $100,000 for any recovery for personal injury by one person, and not less than $300,000 for all persons receiving personal injury by reason of one act of negligence, and not less than $50,000 for damage to property of any person other than the insured, and maintain such liability and property damage insurance in force on each motor-propelled vehicle while so used under such license. A $500,000 combined single limit policy may be submitted.

(2) TNCs and all affiliated drivers shall comply with the automobile liability insurance requirements contained in Chapter 48.177 RCW, as enacted or subsequently amended, as a commercial transportation service provider.

(3) A certificate for each policy for liability or property damage insurance required herein shall be filed with the Licensing Officer and kept in full force and effect, and failure to do so shall be cause for the revocation of the license. [Ord. 4342, 2017; Code 1970 § 5.45A.080.]