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(1) Records. TNCs and taxicab companies shall keep a record of all trips made by all drivers for at least one year from the date each trip was provided; and individual records of each taxicab driver or TNC driver at least until one year after the date on which the driver’s relationship with the taxicab company or TNC has ended. The City may require the taxicab company or TNC to produce records directly related to an active investigation of a specific allegation against a for-hire driver or a violation of this chapter.

(2) Driver Information.

(a) Taxicab drivers shall have a document containing their name, photograph, driver’s license number, and company worked for clearly posted in any vehicle operated by the driver.

(b) The TNC’s software application or website shall display the first name and photograph of the TNC driver, and a description or picture of the vehicle.

(3) Marking of Vehicles. All taxicabs shall be clearly marked as such and shall include the taxicab company name, phone number, and a vehicle identification number in plain sight. The company name and vehicle identification number shall use letters and numbers a minimum of four inches in height with width proportional. The taxicab company phone number shall use numerals a minimum of two and one-half inches in height with the width proportional. Vehicles operated solely by TNC drivers shall display, in a manner observable from the outside of the vehicle, a logo or indicia of the TNC. The TNC’s software application or website shall display for the passenger the make, model, and license plate number of the TNC vehicle.

(4) Method of Soliciting Rides. Only taxicab drivers are permitted to solicit or accept street hails. TNC drivers shall accept only rides prearranged through a TNC’s digital network and shall not solicit or accept street hails.

(5) Receipts. Whenever demanded by the passenger, the driver of a taxicab or TNC vehicle shall deliver to the person paying for the hiring of said vehicle, at the time of such payment, a payment receipt either in hard copy or electronically in legible printing or writing. This receipt shall contain the name of the taxicab company or TNC and its contact information, the name of the driver, any and all items for which a charge is made, the total amount paid, and the date of payment.

(6) Zero Tolerance. TNCs and taxicab companies shall implement a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol applicable to any taxicab drivers employed or affiliated with the company and any TNC drivers authorized on a TNC’s digital network. Taxicab companies and TNCs shall provide notice of the zero tolerance policy on their websites, if they have one, as well as the procedures to report a complaint from a passenger about a driver from whom the passenger received for-hire transportation and whom the passenger reasonably suspects was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the course of the ride. If a taxicab company or TNC does not have a website, they must clearly post the zero tolerance policy and procedures to report a complaint in all taxicabs or TNC vehicles owned or operated by the company or its drivers. Taxicab companies and TNCs shall immediately suspend a driver upon receipt of a passenger complaint alleging a violation of the zero tolerance policy and shall conduct an investigation into the reported incident. The suspension shall last the duration of the investigation.

(7) No driver shall place additional passengers in a for-hire vehicle without first securing the consent of the person or persons by whom it was first engaged. No vehicle shall carry more passengers than specified in its manufacturer’s specifications and available working seatbelts.

(8) Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a taxicab company from using an internet online-enabled platform or application to connect passengers with drivers as long as all other requirements for taxicab companies, vehicles, and drivers are met. [Ord. 4342, 2017; Code 1970 § 5.45A.090.]