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No more than twice per license year, the City may audit the taxicab company or TNC’s records to review compliance with this chapter. Each audit shall be limited to records relating to 20 percent of randomly selected taxicab or TNC drivers, up to a maximum of 20 drivers, who have operated within the last 30 days in the City. The audit shall occur at the City of Pasco Clerk’s Office, 525 North 3rd, Pasco, Washington; provided, that the City may in its discretion agree to an alternative location. In the event the audit reveals discrepancies in the records reviewed, the City reserves the right to audit all of the taxicab company’s or TNC’s records relating to its affiliated drivers operating within the City, as it is specifically related to discrepancy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the City may require the taxicab company or TNC to produce records directly related to an active investigation of a specific allegation of a violation of this chapter. Any taxicab or TNC records reviewed by the City under this chapter may be designated “confidential” and are not subject to disclosure to a third party by the City without the prior written consent of the taxicab company or TNC. [Ord. 4342, 2017; Code 1970 § 5.45A.120.]