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(1) An initial application and any subsequent renewal application for an ambulance service license shall be submitted to the Fire Chief for approval and shall be made on forms provided by the Department and shall contain the following information and documents:

(a) Name, address and telephone number of the applicant. The applicant administrator’s name and contact number(s) must be kept current. Any change(s) must be conveyed to the Department within five working days.

(b) Business name under which the ambulance service shall operate within the City.

(c) The number of ambulances to be initially placed in service within the City.

(d) The number of certified emergency medical providers initially to be employed.

(e) A roster of all ambulances to be used in the City with proof that each ambulance is currently licensed as an ambulance by the State of Washington.

(f) A roster of all certified emergency medical providers with proof that each emergency medical provider is currently certified by the State of Washington, including the certification level and expiration date.

(g) Proof that ambulances and personnel are verified emergency inter-facility trauma transfer providers as defined in the most current Washington statutes and regulations.

(h) Proof of insurance.

(2) Prior to the issuance of the ambulance service license, the application and all necessary records and documents, including proof of state inspections of all equipment, shall be reviewed by the Fire Chief, or his designee, who shall determine whether said records, documents, and inspections conform with the requirements of this chapter and any applicable state and federal rules or regulations. Upon approval of the application, the Fire Chief shall authorize the issuance of an ambulance service business license from the City Clerk to the applicant. [Code 1970 § 5.05.040.]