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5.35.050 Application.
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A special events permit for all events covered by this chapter, including demonstrations or parades, may be obtained from the City upon application made in writing at least 30 days prior to the date on which the event is to be held, upon application forms furnished by the City.

The application form shall include but not be limited to the following information:

(1) Name, age, residence or mailing address of person making the application. If the application is made by a partnership, corporation or association, the application must be signed by the president or other authorized officer thereof, and must contain the name and addresses of the officers, managers, or partners of the entity.

(2) A statement of the kind, character or type of event, which the applicant proposes to conduct, operate or carry on. Give a general description of the event including the names of any performers, specific plans for the conduct of the event, etc.

(3) The address(es) and description(s) of the place(s) where the proposed event is to be conducted, operated or carried on and the route of travel if the event includes a parade, or utilizes multiple facilities. If the place or the event is not a public place, the owner of the premises must provide written consent for the site to be used for the proposed event.

(4) The date(s) and hours during which said event is to be conducted. Include planned or estimated times for event setup and takedown, as applicable.

(5) An estimate of the number of participants, spectators, customers or other persons expected to attend said event for each day it is conducted.

(6) A plat or map showing the location of the special event, including any route of travel and the arrangement of necessary facilities, including parking, egress and ingress, fire lanes, and such other facilities as may be necessary for the safe accomplishment of the event.

(7) For events where amplification equipment is proposed to be used, the applicant shall be required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of a copy of the City’s noise control regulations (Chapter 9.130 PMC) and stating applicant’s intent to abide by all applicable provisions thereof.

(8) For events where admission is charged, the applicant shall furnish the name and address of the individual responsible for the collection and payment of the admission tax and the owner, lessee or custodian of the premises, who shall be jointly and severally liable to the City for collection and remittance of such tax as described in PMC 3.05.090, Admissions tax – Remittance of tax. [Ord. 3764 § 5, 2006; Ord. 3592 § 1, 2002; Ord. 3524 § 4, 2001; Code 1970 § 5.25.030.]