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5.35.080 Auction sales.
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(1) All auction sales shall pay a fee for a term of up to three consecutive days; provided, however, that the fee requirements of this subsection shall not be applicable to persons, firms or corporations having established places of business in the City and having valid business licenses issued by the City, who wish to hold an auction for the purpose of disposing of excess inventory, damaged goods, or for promotion; provided, however, that any auction conducted under this provision shall not exceed one day in length and the person, firm or corporation holding such auction shall, as a condition precedent, file written notice with the City Clerk of the date, time, place and nature of the goods to be auctioned and the reasons for conducting the auction. Notice as required herein shall be filed with the City representative at least 30 days prior to the date the auction is to be held; and provided further, that no person, firm or corporation shall be entitled to hold more than one auction each calendar year under this provision without being required to pay the fee. This provision shall not apply in the following cases:

(a) Judicial sales held pursuant to an order of the court; or

(b) Nonjudicial sales held under the authority of and pursuant to a federal or state statute; or

(c) An auction conducted by or on behalf of a political organization or a charitable corporation or association if the person conducting the sale receives no compensation; or

(d) An auction conducted by or under the direction of a public authority; or

(e) Wholesale auctions and stockyard auctions, which will be required to pay the regular license fee.

(2) All auction sales to which the above license fee provision applies shall be required to submit with their license application a legible photocopy of the auctioneer’s current certificate of registration issued by the Washington State Department of Licensing and the auction company’s certificate of registration issued by the Washington State Department of Licensing.

(3) Auction sales shall be required to comply with the special events provisions as set forth in this chapter. [Ord. 4372 § 31, 2017; Ord. 3560 § 6, 2002; Ord. 2831 § 1, 1991; Code 1970 § 5.25.045.]