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5.35.090 Public dance.
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Any public dance, other than those conducted on the premises of a dance hall, and in addition to the application provided in PMC 5.35.050, shall:

(1) Identify the date and time of the conduct of the public dance. A permit shall be required for each date and time the public dance is to be conducted and shall only be good for the place, date and time specified in the permit.

(2) A security plan identifying the method and qualification for providing one security officer for each 100 persons upon the premises.

(3) Description of other licensed food, beverage, or services provided on the premises.

(4) A statement identifying the individual liable for the collection and payment of the City admission tax.

(5) The City shall perform a criminal history check in accordance with PMC 5.65.050 for all applicants seeking a permit under this chapter. [Ord. 4022, 2011; Ord. 3524 § 4, 2001; Code 1970 § 5.25.050.]