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Any food establishment licensed under this chapter and located within the C-2 zone (Central Business District) may, upon application and receiving a permit therefor, provide sidewalk seating for its customers adjacent to the licensed place of business; provided, however, the food establishment must have interior seating and the outside seating shall not exceed 25 percent of interior seats, and the outside seating shall not reduce usable sidewalk width to less than six feet. Such application shall include a drawing of the proposed sidewalk location which includes the location of the seating, the width of the sidewalk and the width of the sidewalk that will be obstructed by the outside seating. In addition the application shall include identification of the food establishment by reference to its regular Pasco business license number, assurance that the area will be kept clean, the times of day during which the outside seating will be utilized and the period of the year for which the outside seating is requested. The City Clerk shall review each such application with the City Planner and if in their opinion the public interest would not be unduly restricted or subject to unreasonable or unnecessary risk of harm or injury, the Clerk shall notify the applicant that a permit therefor will be granted, subject to the payment of an annual permit fee as set forth in Chapter 3.35 PMC and the filing of a satisfactory hold-harmless agreement and primary liability insurance policy suitable to the City Attorney which will indemnify the City and release it from liability. Subject to such filing a permit will be issued. [Ord. 3560 § 27, 2002; Ord. 2539 § 18, 1985; Code 1970 § 5.28.125.]