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No person to whom a license shall be issued under this chapter shall suffer or permit the hotel, rooming house, lodging house or other lodging place to be used for any unlawful purpose and shall at all times keep a standard hotel register in which shall be inscribed the names of all guests or persons renting, using or occupying rooms or quarters therein, which register shall be signed by the person using a room, rooms, space or quarters or by someone on his behalf and under his direction. Such registration must be made and after the name or names so inscribed or registered, the owner of the place, manager of the place or his agent shall write the number of the room or rooms which such guest or person is to occupy, together with the time when such room is rented, all of which shall be done before such person is permitted to occupy or use such room or rooms. Such register shall be maintained and available for inspection by an officer or an official of the City with the consent of the owner, manager, or agent of such place, or in response to administrative or judicial warrant or order. [Ord. 4257, 2015; Code 1970 § 5.40.040; Code 1954 § 3-7.16.]