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Where a license shall have been issued to any co-partnership, corporation or association to conduct a hotel, rooming house, lodging house, or place for lodgings, any person having charge, management or control thereof shall be liable to prosecution for any violation of this chapter; and the licensee and the person in charge each may be charged and prosecuted for such violation and conviction of one shall not abate any prosecution against the other for the same offense.

For the purpose of determining the liability of any person or persons to prosecution for violation of any provisions of this chapter, it shall be sufficient to show that such person was, at the time of the act or violation complained of, the person in actual charge, management or control of a house or place in which such act is alleged to have been committed, and for every violation of this chapter the licensee himself shall be liable to prosecution also. [Code 1970 § 5.40.070; Code 1954 § 3-7.28.]