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If upon the sworn complaint of any person it shall be made to appear to the Municipal Court Judge of the City that there is probable cause to believe that any section of this chapter or any provision hereof is being violated, then the Municipal Court Judge shall forthwith issue a warrant directed to any police officer of the City commanding him to search the premises designated in the warrant, and described in the complaint, to seize any implements used or kept in connection with any violation of this chapter, and to safely keep the same, and to make return of the warrant within three days, showing his acts and doings thereunder, and specifying the articles seized, and the name of the person or persons in whose possession, or upon whose premises the same were found; provided, further, that a copy of the warrant shall be served upon the person or persons found in possession of the property, or in possession of the premises so searched, and if no person or persons are found as aforesaid, then a copy of the warrant shall be posted in a conspicuous place upon the premises. [Ord. 4257, 2015; Ord. 3560 § 35, 2002; Code 1970 § 5.40.100; Code 1954 § 3-7.44.]