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Any provider of public accommodations and lodging, as defined by RCW 70.62.210, upon notification of designation as the residence of a registered Level II or Level III sex offender by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Pasco Police Department, or subject to a contract with the Department of Corrections, other state agencies, or subcontractors, to provide housing placement or assistance, designated as the current residence of a Level II or Level III sex offender, shall post in a conspicuous location displayed in the lobby a sign stating “Registered Sex Offender(s) Reside Within this Facility,” upon which sign shall have lettering of not less than one inch height, clearly visible from the registration location, and provide immediately adjacent thereto posting of the sex offender flyer prepared and distributed by the Pasco Police Department for each sex offender residing within the facility.

This sign, together with posted flyers, shall remain in place so long as the registered sex offender resides within the facility. [Ord. 3838 § 1, 2007; Code 1970 § 5.40.110.]