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The original copy of the application shall be referred to the Chief of Police, who shall promptly make an investigation of the applicant’s character and business responsibility. Criminal history checks shall be performed in accordance with PMC 5.65.050. If the applicant’s character or business responsibility is found to be unsatisfactory, the Chief of Police shall endorse on such application his disapproval and the reason therefor and return the application to the City Clerk. The City Clerk shall notify the applicant that his application is disapproved and that no license will be issued. If the Chief of Police finds that the applicant’s character and business responsibility are satisfactory, he shall endorse his approval on the application and return it to the City Clerk, who shall, upon payment of the license fee and the filing of bond as provided for in this chapter, issue the license. [Ord. 4022, 2011; Code 1970 § 5.08.060; Code 1954 § 3-8.24.]