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Any person, firm, or corporation desiring to secure a license as a stationary or mobile vendor shall make application through Business Licensing Service, and supply supplemental information on forms to be provided by the City. Such supplemental information shall provide:

(1) The name or names and address of the applicant; vehicle license numbers of all vehicles from which the applicant proposes to conduct business; description of the general type of goods, wares, merchandise or food proposed to be sold by the applicant; the place or places where the applicant proposes to engage in business;

(2) Each application shall be accompanied with the license fee as provided for in this chapter;

(3) Each license application for a stationary vendor shall be accompanied with the following information to establish compliance with PMC 5.75.090 and other applicable code provisions:

(a) A notarized written authorization from the business owner to conduct the applicant’s business at the place so noted on the application.

(b) A statement explaining the method of trash and litter disposal being proposed by the vendor.

(c) A drawing of a scale not greater than 50 feet per inch and not less than 10 feet per inch, which drawing shall depict the following information:

(i) The portion of the property to be occupied by the business;

(ii) The portion of the property to be used for automobile parking and the number of automobiles accommodated in said area;

(iii) The location of driveways providing ingress and egress to the property;

(iv) The location of existing buildings and structures located on the property, noting the use of each building or structure so identified. [Ord. 4372 § 24, 2017; Ord. 2826 § 1, 1991; Code 1970 § 5.10A.040.]