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All mobile vendors licensed under this chapter shall conform to the following standards:

(1) Geographical Restrictions. No mobile vendor shall sell or vend from his or her vehicle or conveyance:

(a) Within 400 feet of any public or private school grounds during the hours of regular school session, classes, or school-related events in said public or private school, except when authorized by said school; or

(b) Within 300 feet of the entrance to any business establishment offering as a main featured item or items similar products for sale which is open for business; or

(c) Within 300 feet of any restaurant, cafe, or eating establishment which is open for business; or

(d) Within 300 feet of any public park of the City where any City-authorized concession stand is located during times other than during the course of a public celebration except as approved by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City; or

(e) Within 300 feet of any public park of the City where any City authorized concession stand is located during the course of a public celebration when nonprofit organizations are permitted to engage in the sale of merchandise and food in such park; or

(f) Within any one block for more than one hour in any four-hour period; except this shall not apply in those situations where the mobile vendor is serving organized and sanctioned community-sponsored ball games at public parks and schools provided there is no City-approved concession in the park or at the school.

(2) No mobile vendor shall conduct business so as to violate the traffic and sidewalk ordinances of the City as now in effect or hereafter amended.

(3) No mobile vendor shall obstruct or cause to be obstructed the passage of any sidewalk, street, avenue, alley or any other public place, by causing people to congregate at or near the place where food is being sold or offered for sale.

(4) No customer shall be served on the street side of the mobile unit. All service must be on the curb side when the mobile unit is on or abutting a public street.

(5) All mobile vendors shall provide garbage receptacles for customer use.

(6) No mobile vendor shall locate his or her vehicle or other conveyance in such a manner as to cause a traffic hazard.

(7) At the conclusion of business activities at a given location the mobile vendor shall clean all the public way surrounding his or her vehicle of all debris, trash and litter generated by the vendor’s business activities.

(8) All mobile vendors preparing food by cooking, frying or other means shall be equipped with at least one 2A:40B:C fire extinguisher.

(9) All mobile vendors shall conclude daily business activities at sunset. [Ord. 2826 § 1, 1991; Code 1970 § 5.10A.110.]