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It is unlawful for any person to have or permit upon any premises owned, occupied or controlled by them any nuisances detrimental to health, or any accumulations of filth, garbage, decaying animals or vegetable matter or any animal or human excrement, and it shall be the duty of the City Manager or his designee to cause any such person to be notified to abolish, abate and remove such nuisances; and in case such person shall fail, neglect or refuse to move the same within three days after receiving notice, such nuisance may be removed and abated and the person whose duty it was to remove and abate such nuisance, in addition to incurring penalties in this code, shall become indebted to the City for the damages, costs and charges incurred by the City by reason of the existence and the removal of such nuisance. [Ord. 3562 § 23, 2002; Code 1970 § 6.24.010; Code 1954 § 7-6.04.]