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In a prosecution under this section, a map produced or reproduced by the City Engineer for the purpose of depicting the location and the boundaries of the area restriction zone shall, upon proper authentication, be admissible and shall constitute prima facie evidence of the location and boundaries of restriction zones. This map shall be updated by the City Engineer from time to time if subsequent areas come into existence or are terminated. A true copy of the map shall be filed with the City Clerk and maintained as an official record of the City. This section shall not preclude the prosecution from introducing or relying upon other evidence or testimony to establish any element of the offense. This section shall not be construed to preclude the use of admissibility of any map or diagram other than the approved map if the map or diagram is otherwise admissible under court rule. [Ord. 3486 § 2, 2001; Code 1970 § 9.13.090.]