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(1) A complete application for tax parcel segregation shall be made on forms to be provided by the City Planner, and shall be submitted to the Planning Department together with the applicable fee identified in PMC 3.35.110 and six copies of a plan, drawn to scale and accurately dimensioned, clearly showing the following information:

(a) The proposed parcel lines for all affected lots, indicated by heavy solid lines;

(b) The legal description(s) and parcel number(s) of the affected parcel(s);

(c) The location of all structures existing upon the affected parcel(s);

(d) The location and dimensions of any drain field, wellhead protection area, easement or right-of-way existing within or adjacent to any affected parcel(s);

(e) The area and dimensions of each parcel following the proposed segregation;

(f) The existing and, if applicable, proposed future method of sewage disposal for each affected parcel. Where any parcel affected by a proposed segregation is served or is likely to be served in the future by an on-site sewage disposal system, a percolation test for each such parcel may be required by the City Engineer when the City Engineer finds that the proposed segregation could adversely affect the ability of such parcel(s) to be adequately served by such on-site system.

(2) The City Planner may require a tax parcel segregation to be prepared by a licensed land surveyor in order to ensure the accuracy of the new legal descriptions and drawing. [Ord. 3398 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 26.48.030.]