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This title shall apply to all lands, all land uses and development and all structures and facilities in the City except as exempted under PMC 28.12.030. This title shall apply to every person, individual, firm, partnership, corporation, governmental agency or other entity that owns, leases, or administers land within Pasco.

This title provides regulations for land use and development in and adjacent to critical areas as defined herein. These regulations are additional to, and coordinated with, the Pasco Comprehensive Plan, the Pasco Shoreline Master Program, and regulations adopted pursuant to the Pasco Urban Area Zoning Code and any other applicable regulations adopted by the City of Pasco. This title does not apply to environmentally sensitive areas waterward of the ordinary high water mark. If there are any conflicts between this title and other applicable regulations, the most restrictive requirements apply. [Ord. 4525 § 1, 2021; Ord. 3911 § 2, 2009; Code 1970 § 28.12.020.]