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Before any nonbudgeted City water main is extended by the City at the request of a property owner or developer there shall be deposited with the Director of Finance an amount sufficient to cover the actual cost of such extension and appurtenances and appropriate area charges. Said amount shall be determined by the City Engineer and/or Director of Public Works. The same may be paid by one or more property owners on or along such main extension. Should actual costs upon completion be less than the amount deposited, the difference shall be refunded. Proration shall be on a front-footage basis.

Substandard extensions may to be made only when in the judgment of the City Council, the population and sanitary conditions warrant such extensions.

It shall be necessary to have City Council approval and terms set forth by written agreement before any extensions when less than 100 percent subscription in front footage is paid, for substandard lines, when it is necessary to have extensions for the good of the City or when unusual conditions prevail. Water main extensions may also be accomplished through local improvement districts. [Ord. 2961 § 8, 1993; Code 1970 § 13.36.030.]