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When an extension of the City system is required and such is requested of and agreed to by the City, and it is further agreed that the requesting party will extend the line(s), the requesting party shall install the line extension at their sole cost and expense, subject to the remaining provisions of this section.

(1) The front footage charge under PMC 13.45.020 shall be waived for connection to the newly installed line by the party to the parcel(s) of property owned by the installing party.

(2) The installing party when connecting his or her parcel(s) of property to the extension shall pay square footage charges for the parcels(s) of the property served as provided under PMC 13.45.020, except that, if the extension passes by one or more parcels of property under other ownership already connected to an existing line, there shall be a deduction in the amount of front footage and square footage charges previously paid for such parcels(s) of property at the time of their connection. In some cases the deduction may be sufficient to result in a cash payment from the City to the party making the extension.

(3) The City may enter into developer reimbursement agreement as provided in Chapter 14.25 PMC. [Ord. 4156, 2014; Ord. 3608 § 19, 2003; Ord. 2961 § 9, 1993; Code 1970 § 13.36.040.]