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The rate ordinance codified in this chapter shall be subject to modification and change, including such time as new users are connected to the facilities, at which time a review of the costs incurred and rates charged for all industrial users shall be undertaken.

In anticipation of future users of the process water reuse facilities, the City has developed and reserved excess capacity in the facilities. For new users connecting to the system, or for existing customers requiring additional capacity, the City Manager shall establish an appropriate rate for the customer. The rate shall consider the reimbursement of any prior capital charges (payments) made by the City for the establishment and reservation of excess capacity. At the same time, the rate should generally conform to the approach developed as a part of this chapter. The rate should consider the issue of equity between existing customers and the new customer. Any new rate or agreement with a new customer, or expansion by an existing customer, is subject to approval by the City Council. [Ord. 3291 § 2, 1998; Code 1970 § 13.41A.030.]