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The final plat shall show and contain the following information:

(1) Primary control points approved by the City Engineer, and descriptions and ties to such control points, to which all dimensions, angles, bearings, and similar data on the plat shall be referenced;

(2) The final plat shall be accompanied by complete field and computation notes showing original or reestablished corners, with description of them and actual traverse showing error of closure and method of balancing, with sketch showing all distances, angles, and calculations required to determine corners and distances of the plat. The allowable error of closure shall not exceed one foot in 4,000 feet;

(3) Tract boundary lines, right-of-way lines of streets, easements and other rights-of-way, and property lines of residential lots and other sites, with accurate courses, distances, dimensions, or deflection angles, complete curve data for street centerlines and property lines, and other information necessary to reproduce the plat on the ground. Dimensions shall be shown from all angle points and points of curve to lot lines;

(4) Name and right-of-way width of each street and other right-of-way, or easement;

(5) Locations, dimensions and purpose of any easements;

(6) Number to identify each lot or site, with accurate dimensions in feet and hundredths of feet;

(7) A table showing the square footage of each lot;

(8) Purpose for which sites, other than residential lots, are dedicated or reserved;

(9) Location and description of monuments;

(10) Reference to recorded subdivision plats of adjoining platted land by recorded name, date and number;

(11) Certification by surveyor or engineer certifying to the accuracy of the survey and plat;

(12) Statement by the owner dedicating streets, rights-of-way and any other sites for public use;

(13) Name of the plat, scale, northpoint and date;

(14) Spaces for certificates or approvals of the following officials or agencies:

(a) City Manager or designee;

(b) City Planner;

(c) City Engineer;

(d) County Engineer (where applicable);

(e) Franklin County P.U.D. or applicable utility provider;

(f) Franklin County Irrigation District No. 1 (where applicable);

(g) Benton Franklin Health District (where applicable);

(h) County Assessor;

(i) County Treasurer;

(j) County Auditor.

(15) All signatures shall be in permanent black ink. [Ord. 4383 § 2, 2018; Ord. 3398 § 2, 1999; Code 1970 § 26.28.030.]