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If moneys are derived from the fees collected pursuant to Chapter 3.50 PMC from areas not identified in PMC 3.95.020, the Director of Finance shall identify said moneys in an account within the park fund by the legal description of the land from which the moneys were derived. The Director of Finance shall then notify the City Manager, the Administrative and Community Services Director, and the City Planner of the need to amend the ordinance to include the area from which the moneys were derived in neighborhood and Community Park Planning Districts. In the event the area is not included in such districts at the time the moneys derived therefrom are to be expended, their expenditure must be in a manner consistent with this chapter and consistent with the comprehensive park plan in effect at that time. [Ord. 4119, 2013; Ord. 3557 § 28, 2002; Ord. 3497 § 1, 2001; Ord. 2139 § 6, 1980; Code 1970 § 3.29.060.]