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(1) Rates. Taxicab drivers shall prominently post rates in each vehicle and charge accordingly. Drivers who solely operate as TNC drivers are exempt from this requirement. The TNC’s software application or website shall disclose to the passenger the fare or the fare calculation method before the beginning of the prearranged ride and, if the fare is not disclosed to the rider before the beginning of the prearranged ride, provide the option to receive an estimated fare before the passenger enters the TNC vehicle. A taxicab operator or driver shall charge no more than the scheduled fare. A TNC driver shall charge no more than the disclosed fare, or the fare determined using the disclosed calculation method, unless the passenger requests changes to the prearranged destination or route.

(2) If the fares are metered, the meters shall be annually calibrated by the meter manufacturer’s authorized representative and a copy provided to the City upon license renewal.

(3) It shall be unlawful for any person to refuse to pay the fare for services rendered under the terms of this chapter. [Ord. 4342, 2017; Code 1970 § 5.45A.110.]