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All stationary vendors licensed under this chapter shall conform to the following standards:

(1) No stationary vendor shall be licensed for a location in a residential zoning district or office district, as defined in PMC Title 25;

(2) Stationary vendors shall be licensed only at those sites on which there is a permanent business operating and licensed under PMC Title 5;

(3) No stationary vendor shall locate his or her vehicle, other conveyance, or temporary stand within 20 feet of any public right-of-way or within 20 feet of the intersection of any public right-of-way and private driveway;

(4) No signs or signage shall be permitted other than that which can be contained on the vehicle or conveyance utilized to sell food;

(5) No vehicle, other conveyance or temporary stand shall be located closer than 20 feet from any building or structure on the licensed property or adjoining property;

(6) No vehicle, other conveyance or temporary stand shall locate closer than 50 feet from flammable, combustible liquid or gas storage and dispensing structures;

(7) All stationary vendors shall place at least one 30-gallon garbage receptacle upon the site of business for customer use;

(8) Licensed stationary vendor sites shall be cleaned of all debris, trash and litter at the conclusion of daily business activities;

(9) All merchandise, goods, wares or food shall only be displayed or offered for sale from the vendor’s conveyance;

(10) All vehicles, other conveyances or temporary stands shall be equipped with at least one 2A:40B:C fire extinguisher;

(11) No stationary vendor shall be licensed to locate a vehicle, other conveyance, or temporary stand within 250 feet from another stationary vendor except where vendors are separated by a public street;

(12) No stationary vendor may be licensed at a location if their vehicle, conveyance or temporary stand diminishes required off-street parking for the permanent business licensed on the site. [Ord. 3624 § 1, 2003; Ord. 2826 § 1, 1991; Code 1970 § 5.10A.100.]