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It is unlawful for any person to make connection with any fixture, or connect with any water main or pipe belonging to the municipal water system of the City. It is unlawful for any person whose premises are supplied with water to furnish water to additional premises unless he shall first make application in writing on the form furnished for that purpose in the same manner as an original application for the installation of water service. When additional premises are served or connected without application, such premises may be charged at double the rate for the time such service is permitted, and the service may be shut off by the Public Works Director and a charge as set by PMC 3.65.110 made for shutting off and turning on the water. It is the policy of the Public Works Division not to hereafter install single meters for multitudinous service and to discontinue those now in use as soon as convenient and practical. [Ord. 3496 § 1, 2001; Ord. 962 Art. VI, § 61, 1959; Code 1970 § 13.16.110; Code 1954 § 4-3.120.]